Bringing Santa Cruz Together
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Santa Cruz It’s Our Home is committed to empowering ordinary people to learn, organize, and participate in creating a cleaner, safer, socially just and sustainable community. We work locally to unify and build bridges of understanding and support, increasing the collective impact upon multiple issues, from environmental sustainability to social justice. We provide vital resources for citizens to explore and engage in the important local issues and the groups that are focusing on solutions.

How can we foster more citizen participation and get lasting results on the issues that matter to all of us?

Did you know that regular people, masterfully facilitated, can produce more solutions for challenging complex civic issues than elected officials can with their usual political constraints?  A Wisdom Council of 11 randomly-selected Santa Cruz County residents will report their conclusions after an intensive weekend-long facilitated insight process known as a Dynamic Facilitation. This extraordinary model has been used effectively for 25 years worldwide with breakthrough problem-solving of vexing civic issues.