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We are committed to empowering ordinary people to learn, organize, and participate in creating a cleaner, safer, socially just and sustainable community. We work locally to unify and build bridges of understanding and support, increasing the collective impact upon multiple issues, from environmental sustainability to social justice. We provide key resources and facilitation for citizens to explore and engage in the important local issues and connect to the groups that are focusing on solutions.

A world where everyone has a voice and every life matters. Clean Air. Clean Water. Clean Food. Clean Energy.

We are fundamentally an environmental educational non-profit that understands an important premise: when people suffer from social and economic inequality and disenfranchisement, saving the environment isn’t going to be their top priority. They are naturally going to be focused on their own family’s health and security first. And sometime it’s a matter of survival.

We want all people to have a voice in an open, transparent, local democratic process. We know that working closely and compassionately with our neighbors to solve our own problems at home models progressive local governance that can inspire change everywhere. We want Santa Cruz to be an example of the power of unity and the power of democracy to create a sustainable world that works for everyone.


Rich Sundance Owen.This is the original founder of Environmental Cleanup Coalition

In 2011 Richard “Sundance” Owen founded Environmental Cleanup Coalition to begin to take steps towards education people about the Pacific Gyre and the environmental and health hazards of plastic pollution. He was passionate about cleaning up the oceans and exploring and sharing innovative alternatives to over-fishing, such as Aquaponics. He especially loved to educate the youth about sustainable alternatives to traditional fishing and farming methods, while promoting a philosophy of self-reliance.

In December 2016 Rich died of cancer. But his love for the ocean, his community and his faith that empowering the youth was ultimately the answer, lives on in us. We changed our name to It’s Our Home to better reflect our evolving focus on local community building towards a multi-faceted, holistic approach to sustainability and stewardship.