Inspiration is priceless. And what we all need more of is GOOD NEWS! There are countless victories, big and small, and true environmental progress won by the hard work of local individuals and organizations. We want to share the success stories, honor those Champions of Change and share the HOPE that we are feeling and seeing with the community.

And we want to share it FAR and WIDE! Live-streamed and open to the public, we are planning on sharing the personal stories, the hope-inspiring successes, and a far-reaching call to action that hopefully touches the lives of every Santa Cruz resident and even beyond. Let’s make sustainability a true community driven effort by bringing community into the positive change conversation and celebration!

Look for the region-wide Environmental Awards Gala coming in early 2019 to a Santa Cruz.

We are already researching, interviewing and learning about who is making big things happen here in Santa Cruz County and the Monterey Bay area. We will be able to further dive more deeply into the people behind the change within the context of our monthly leadership dinners.