Center for Wise Democracy

The Center for Wise Democracy offers a set of social innovations by which “we” (a few of us) can facilitate “all of us” to face impossible-seeming problems, think together creatively as “We the People,” develop win/win perspectives, and act collaboratively to solve them.  This represents a leap forward in our level of collective intelligence, a transformation of governance and economics toward “wise democracy.”

In the United States most people are tired of the battling among special interests. In our current politics they feel excluded from any real sense of participation. But this competitive approach is embedded in currenty our system — politics, economics, justice and culture. The missing piece is “We the People,” an inclusive, creative public conversation where we reach shared understandings on what’s going on and what’s needed. Wise Democracy is where a thoughtful, responsible voice of “We the People” (all of us) provides responsible leadership to government, corporations and the culture.

Santa Cruz County’s It’s Our Home in partnership with Center for Wise Democracy are bringing the phenomenal Wisdom Council Process approach to create a more participatory democracy and unified vision to our home.


The Poor People’s Campaign is a National Call for a Moral Revival. The demands seem to answer the question; “If we did the right thing by people, if we took care of one another, what would a world like that look like?” If we sought fairness, a true democracy, o world wherein every voice mattered. A world where systemic racism and xenophobia was no longer part of our civic institutions.

Drew Glover heads up the Santa Cruz County Chapter of PPC, building coalitions and calling on local organizational leaders to particpate in movement building as “Pathfinders” in bring people together. We host monthly Town Halls in rotating locations throughout the county to share powerful stories, resources, and raise awareness and support for pressing issues and those in need.


We are always looking for sponsors and event partners for our 2019 community building efforts. It’s going to take all hands on deck to address the challenges we face, and we need YOU! Please reach out to us today:

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