We have all seen the heartbreaking images of beaches
covered with plastic waste and animals’ stomachs full of
it. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated that in our
daily lives we are surrounded by single-use plastic products
without alternatives. Our efforts to reduce our own plastic
footprint and recycle are admirable and important, but often
plastic straws, bags, bottles, and packaging are pushed on
us before we have a chance to refuse, or we need products
that are only offered packaged in plastic.
We operate in a
broken system, it’s clogged with plastic, and the people
controlling the machine won’t turn it off!
The good news
is that together we can fix it. And here’s how we are going to
do it.
Greenpeace, alongside numerous other organizations in
the #BreakFreeFromPlastic movement, is campaigning
globally to stop the plastic pollution problem at
its source – the corporations that have created it
and the governments that are failing to regulate it.
There is a growing movement of people who are rejecting the
old narrative that throwaway plastics are unavoidable and
it’s up to individuals to make changes in their daily lives to
solve the plastic epidemic. Instead,
we are joining together
through a Million Acts of Blue, for our beautiful blue
planet, to create the real change we need to secure a
plastic-free future that is healthier for our families, our
communities and the species that call this planet home.
We are holding companies accountable, urging governments
to take strong action, and championing a lifestyle that
reconnects us to each other and to the beauty of the planet
we are working to protect.
Turning the tide on plastic pollution by taking action to
stop single-use plastic from being created in the first place.
Inspired by love for our amazing blue planet and the urgent
need to protect our oceans, waterways, landscapes and communities.

Explore Greenpeace’s new Toolkit to end Plastic Pollution where it starts. Download the toolkit HERE